Image Resizer

Make my image 75% of original size

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Image Resizer online allows you to resize image in seconds. Simply Upload your photo, set your required dimensions, click on the 'Resize Image' button, and download.

Digital images are composed of tiny dots of color called pixels. The number of pixels in an image determine its resolution, or how clear and detailed the image appears.

When an image is resized, the number of pixels changes and so does the resolution. If you want to make sure an enlarged image doesn't look fuzzy and indistinct, use an Image Resizer tool to change the number of pixels while maintaining quality.

With this type of tool, you can specify exactly how wide and tall you want your image to be as well as what resolution you desire.

The Image Resizer will then calculate how many pixels are needed for those dimensions and resize your picture for you so that it comes out looking great.

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